Fabio Picchi's ludography

Viktor the Nth

Release date: 2013-08-19


“Viktor the Nth” is a platformer that I developed with my friends at Catavento for the Global Game Jam 2012. Our original submission can still be checked out here.

That year’s theme was an image of the serpent that bites itself, Ouroboros, from which we derived the main mechanic of the game: the never ending cycle of building progress upon the work done by our previous generations.

The game was developed for the Flash Player using ActionScript 3 as I was more comfortable with these technologies at the time. However, this technical limitation of mine proved to be quite beneficial as the frictionless experience to just play it in your browser made our game reach more people.

Due to the positive feedback that we received, we later decided to reunite the team and polish the game to the point we finally published it at Kongregate.

Technologies used


  • Daniel Preto - Art
  • Fabio Picchi - Programming
  • Helô Yoshioka - Art
  • Luciana Abe - Art and Writing
  • Lumi Mae - Art
  • Pati de Carli - Music
  • Pedro Câmara - Game Design